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Best Electric Shavers for Teenagers

Best electric shavers for teenagers: learn to shave comfortably


For a beginner, shaving with a manual shaver can be really menacing and terrifying. Shaving needs to consider carefully so many aspects of shaving cream, razor, and aftershave. Adding to this, it needs to be done with a perfect technique otherwise, it can be hurtful to your skin.

Before the evolution of electric razors, shaving was not an easy process for men. Every adult has some memories related to the initial confusing experiences of a shave. However, shaving is not that mess anymore for the teenagers in this era.  With the evolution of easy-to-use electric shavers on the market, the shavers are given the choice of functioning without shaving cream and nicks or cuts. They are designed to work with no more steep learning curve. Merely a flawless and smooth experience!

There are so many electric razors manufactured and available in the market but all of them are not suitable for teenagers. This guide is designed to put the best options of electric razors on the table for beginners or teenagers, so you don’t have to make much effort at all.

Reach out your desired razor and take pride in maintaining your facial hair with this guide on the best electric razors for the teenagers.

  Which razor is suitable for beginners, foil or rotary shaver?

Starting with the foil shaver, there are blades concealed with the thin sheet of metal with small openings or holes in it. This thin sheet of metal is actually the foil and it allows the hair strands to enter the shaver. In order to trim your hair, there are a series of blades that rapidly move back and forth and trim them ideally.

Coming to the rotary shaver, there are three independent heads in this shaver with the series of lines that are supposed to let the hair pass through. After entering the lines, the blades chop the hair strands. Rotary shaver, as the name shows, is supposed to be used in a circular motion on your face. It works flawlessly around the areas around the jaw and neck.

After having an honest glance over both razors, it can be aptly said that a foil shaver is way more suitable for a beginner. It is best for sensitive skin. Although the rotary shavers are ideal when it comes to coarse hair and they work quieter than foil shavers. Hence, it depends on personal preference, there’s no hard and fast rule to select better shaver for beginners.

  Top 5 electric razors for teenagers, a review.

The following 5 top electric razors are confidently and highly recommended when it comes to beginners or teenagers. The main aspects that one must keep in mind while picking up the suitable electric razor are the grip, price, range, blades, and weight.


1- Braun series7 790cc razor for men

Despite being a creation of 2010, it is still one of the most adopted, used, and appreciated electric shavers in the industry to date. It is able to provide you with both close and comfortable shave, this is why it has been a fan favorite razor ever since its launch. Let’s take a deeper look into the features of 790cc which make it such a memorable and fan-favorite razor nearly a decade after its production.

This is the first shaver made by Braun featuring the Pulsonic technology. It means to lift up your hair strands gently and to cut it off completely, it utilizes a series of micro-vibrations. The strong power of the motor that resides in the device, gives rise to the strong vibrations into the foil part of the shaver. Consequently, maximum hair strands are captured into the holes for the best shaving experience all in all.


Just like other conventional trimmers manufactured by the Braun, the head of this shaver is designed with two foils and one middle trimmer. This trimmer is supposed to comb the hair that is present against your skin in order to lift them up and cut clean off.

As mentioned earlier, the foil shavers have holes imprinted on the surface of metal sheets, interestingly in 790cc, these holes are shaped more like hexagons. This technology is termed as OptiFul technology, which is meant to capture maximum hair strands more efficiently than the holes of the usual round shape.

If we talk particularly in the context of teenagers, the top-notch factor of 790cc is the individual cutting systems. It emphasizes the idea that even though the device is composed of collectively three cutting elements, each strip works independently by rising and fall individually that facilitates the smooth shaving across the certain corners of your face. This device is particularly designed for teenagers with patchy beards.


Moreover, a shaver head can move up and down. In this case, it can be locked in place using a switch located conveniently on the side.

Once you get used to using this shaver, you can extend your beard styles by the time with three different modes, starting from extra sensitive to intense. You can use these modes right according to the corner of your face you are using it around. Switching from one mode to the other one comes really handy, for the buttons are located near the power switch.


2-Panasonic Arc5 razor ES-LV65-S

Apparently, Arc5 seems to be a bit intimidating or hard on beginners. This model is designed out of chrome plating and discreet rear-end concavity in order to facilitate and support the design and ergonomics of the device. There are 5 various cutting elements crafted on the head of the shaver made of stainless steel, powered by a motor that can give birth over 14,000 cuts per minute.

Arc5 is equipped with various types of foil. For cutting off the stubborn flat hair, there is one with a reverse tapered edge. The other one is crafted to pull out the hair that may have been missed by the cutters, and one for the cutting of long hair down to the desired length. These are termed as the Life-tech foil, finishing foil, and slit foil respectively.


In order to give you a perfect gliding experience, Arc5 foils are set at a 30-degree angle. This is how it is named- the five different cutting blades are ‘arched’ for a smoother and closer shave.

It is not a well-balanced device as it is top-heavy, still, it feels nice to hold. Its handle has been made well in order to fit seamlessly into your hand. Arc5 weighs only 200 grams that is not too heavy, apart from a little imbalance. It does not cause strain in your arms even after a long period of use.


A sliding toggle is featured on the backside of the shaver head. It facilitates control over the device’s pivot and the built-in trimmer as well. It is highly well-positioned and amicable to use. It will also help you to learn how to trim your sideburns.

Moreover, Panasonic Arc5 is a portable device and you can take it with you wherever you want to as a travel companion. Its charger can work with anything between 100V to 240V. It takes just an hour to get charged fully and can work for the next 40 minutes of continuous use.

Overall, this shaver is highly suggested for teenagers with delicate or fine hair. It may be hard to work with coarse or thick hair. But to conclude it, it is a powerhouse for thinner patches of hair.


3-Philips Norelco shaver 4500 AT830/41

Here’s one of the top-notch shavers on the list. The Norelco 4500 is an old creation but still winning the hearts to the same extent. Despite the evolution of newer and faster shavers, it is still enjoying the same limelight. The sole reason behind this unparalleled appreciation among an innovative range of latest shavers is its features that have been proven to work and continue to be implemented in the latest devices. These features are as follows:


The shaver heads of the Philips Norelco are called Dual precision heads. These heads are supposed to capture the hair strands along perforations. This device can be used for both wet and dry shaving, which is actually a plus point.


Norelco 4500 is completely waterproof when it comes to cleaning purposes.  It’s easy to rinse it every now and then in order to avoid the clogging up of stray hair strands in its interior part.


Norelco 4500 takes an hour to get charged and deliver 50 minutes of running time. This battery time is equivalent to high-end products. Plus, it has a swift charge function in order if it accidentally runs out of time.


The downside of this model is its weight. It is not as handy as other shavers are. It takes a bit more time to give you a firm grip over it. However, this issue is negligible as compared to the rest of the pros of the device.


In order to trim the sideburns effectively, there’s a pop-up trimmer behind the rotary shaver. This feature won’t let you misplace this tool – it’s built right into the shaver itself.


In the end, it can be concluded that this is a highly recommended shaver for teenagers who are on a tight budget particularly. It has several solid traits at a very reasonable price.


4-Remington F5 5800 Foil shaver

Similar to other shavers in this list, F5 5800 also belongs to a well-known brand. It’s another electric shaver that won’t break the bank.

The main focus of Remington is the provision of a clean and straight shave. It is a perfect option if you do not get hasty in shifting the style of your beard.

One of the best aspects of this shaver is that it is suitable for handling both regular beards and longer facial hair as well. If you are not willing to use your shaver on a daily basis, it will ensure you the best performance by giving you a clean and close shave even after weeks without being hard on your hair.


Another peculiar feature of F5 5800 is that it works both cord and cordless as well. This gives you a chance to observe your device under different sources of power and hence, you can decide which one suits you best. Some users prefer cordless models because they don’t want to bother much about the wire. While some people enjoy the corded models as it’s attached to a reliable source of power.


To your surprise, the model is covered by a two-year warranty. So, you don’t need to be worried about the unexpected issues with it.


In the end, it can be aptly concluded that this shaver is a piece of ideal equipment for teenagers who have just started off with the basics while staying on a tight budget. Although it is not a fancy and pompous device with charging and cleaning station or with razor head adjustments, still it is a perfect option for you.


5-Braun series 3 Proskin 3040s

Last but not the least in this list, is Braun 3040s. This product deserves to be at the second rank in this list for being one of the leaders in the shaving industry. The brand has always been successful in manufacturing the products and gadgets that perform their ultimate best to enhance your personal style and grooming experience.


This black shaver with blue highlights looks so elegant and sleek in its appearance. 3040s is aesthetically pleasing and will definitely add to the beauty of your bathroom counter.


To your surprise, due to the top-notch quality of shave that this shaver provides, the NFL actually decided to declare it their official shaver. It is satisfying to know that your device has been a priority of professional athletes.


Despite having all the worth mentioning traits, there is a drawback of this shaver too. It does not support the flexible shaver head nor the intelligent AI Sonic technology as that of later models of Braun. But this downside is negligible in comparison to the tons of the features that this model is packed with.


Talking about the features of the 3040s, the shaver head is composed of three various sections. In order to trap hair strands and to trim them down to your skin, there are two end foils. Adding to this, for lifting up the flat hair strands there’s a middle trimmer that serves as a small comb. The device adapts to work around your facial contours with efficiency when these three cutting elements work independently from each other. All of these features are more than enough to overcome the absence of pivot on the shaver head.


For minimizing the shaving rashes and cuts, these cutting elements are reportedly being supported by Sensofoils. It is observed by the users that they experience relatively fewer breakouts while using this product and it has never taken much time for their skin to adjust to it. Hence, it is quite an easy using device and amicable to the skin.


To conclude this, it can be said that this is a perfect shaver for the teenagers who are willing to use it in the shower. It is featured with a firm and sturdy grip and is lightweight as well.


  How to pick the best electric shavers for teenagers?

  • Buy the shavers with a fine grip

Before jumping to the conclusion and ending up choosing the shaver with not so firm grip, the best way is to observe closely the handle of every shaver you come across. If possible, try to hold it to get a feel of the gadget. The ideal shaver for everyone peculiarly when you are a beginner is the one that is well-weighted, and easy to hold. Before making any decision regarding the selection of best shaver, the first and foremost thing you are supposed to do is to consider the length, girth, and exterior of the shaver. The model you are going to buy should be fitted in your hand.


  • The blades should be on point

After considering the exterior of the shaver, consider the number of blades it is equipped with. The best shaver does not come with just a pair of blades with it. Check the number of blades that come along the shaver and the quality of skin guard as well to make sure that your shaver can work up to its promise of an ideal shave. Adding to this, do check out the material of the blades and make sure that they are both long-lasting and hypoallergenic.


Hence, do not compromise on the quality of the blades. The good quality of blades will facilitate a smooth, flawless shave while on the flip side, poor quality blades will cause skin irritation and rashes on it as well.


  • Flexible shaver heads

Another point to be kept in mind while buying a shaver is the nature of shaver heads. As everyone has different facial features, it can be a challenge to learn which shaver is adaptable to the uniqueness of one’s features while shaving. The flexibility of shaver head and working across the contours of your face should be an important parameter for an electric shaver. All of the best brands do follow this parameter strictly while constructing a shaver.


  • Detailed display panels

Your shaver is not just a device but going to be your grooming partner particularly if you know how to keep it intact. Obviously, as a beginner you are going to make your first investment in a shaver, ensure all the best qualities in it. One of those best qualities is the incorporation of a display panel. Reach out for the electric shaver with clear and well-positioned LEDs so that you are always informed about the working efficiency of your shaver.


  • Water resistance

If you are more into dry shaving, then you are highly recommended to try wet shaving as well- particularly when you have sensitive skin. It is highly suggested to look for the shavers that can be used in the shower and/or with shaving foams.


  • Battery life

In order to use an electric device, you will have to see the shaver with the best sustainability current to keep it going. All the features mentioned earlier in this article will be able to work with proficiency only when they have a solid source of power to support them. Li-ion batteries are the standard ones when it comes to the cordless shaver. If you don’t want to bother about the battery level all the time then you better go for the corded shaver.


  • Keep trying new things

This is cool to make a choice after considering all the important aspects then stick to it for a long period of time, but you should keep yourself open for trying the new features that the market keeps introducing innovatively. These exciting features can be anything from cleaning/charging stations, blades made out of new materials, the latest AI technologies, and so much more. While all these traits would be a bit costly, they will definitely contribute to your shaving experience.


It all depends on your personal preference when it comes to starting off with a simple electric shaver.


Shaving tips for teenagers

Using the electric shaver for the first time will definitely be troublesome no matter what rank it gets in the race of best shavers. Here is a shortlist of some quick tips to help assist you to get started quickly and safely.


  • When you need to start shaving

As it is as transparent as glass that we all grow at different rates and in different ways, there is no such hard and fast rule to determine when you need to initiate shaving. The reasonable and sensible way is to observe the elderly men of your family in this regard. Approach your fathers, brothers, or uncles, and let them tell you when they start shaving or when did their beard start growing.

  • How frequently you need to shave

Two things that play the major role in this determining this, are genetics and your personal preference of style. Unless you grow coarse facial hair, you don’t need to shave daily.

Just ensure a clean face and shave off the darker hair when needed.

  • What kind of razor you should be using

Initially, it seems handy to dwell upon the simpler manual razors and replace them once they have dulled down. However, keep practicing this habit can cost you much in the long run. You should better go for an electric razor that will promise you to be long-lasting, hypoallergenic, and flexible for your facial edges.

If you still want to stick to your manual razor then ensure the use of shaving foam or gel before you begin. This will lubricate your face and reduce the risk of getting nicks and cuts.


 How to avoid cuts while shaving

It is a matter of fact that initially, you are going to hurt yourself a little bit while shaving. It’s all part of the experience. However, you can adopt some safety measures.


  • Start with warm water

The warm shower will lead to a smooth shave of your hair strands by hydrating and lubricating your skin.


  • Use shaving gel or cream

Just like the warm water, applying any shaving foam over the face will facilitate a flawless shave. It will also shape the hair strands to assist them to stick out more.

  • Shave with grain

It may be fascinating to start shaving against the grain as it cuts closer to the skin, but it can give rise to ingrown hair strands and skin itching.

  • Shave in soft strokes

Do not be hard on your skin. Refrain from pulling or tugging the hair strands. Being too cold with your skin can put it in close contact with oscillating blades. Start in a steady manner.

  • Replace your blades on a regular basis

Keep changing your older blades with the new ones, as the dull blades are more likely to cause irritation to your skin.

  • Rinse afterward

After shaving, lubricate your skin by applying any aftercare product. Be it some lotion or a moisturizer. It will prevent your skiing from drying out.



Through this article, you have come across every essential aspect that you need to know about choosing and using the electric shaver as a beginner. Conventionally this is the defining moment in your life when it comes to your personal style and grooming. Hence, this article is written down with the hope to help you in the best possible ways.


Shaving for the first time can be really a hard task especially when there’s no older man around you to guide you in this respect. But an electric shaver will make your task done easily and way quickly.


Even as a teenager, a patchy and untamed beard does not look very nice on your face and it directly affects your personality. So, if you are observing the stray hair strands in the mirror, it’s time to take control of the situation. Start figuring out your personal grooming at a really young age and make yourself stress-free!!












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