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Clippers VS Trimmers


Gone are the days when a comb and scissor was the best tools of a barber as today, you’ll find dozens of unique devices to straighten, curl or maybe trim your hairs in no time. When it comes to men’s hairstyle, you’ll find yourself struggling between clippers and trimmers as what to choose and what not to select for a perfect hair treatment. To solve your confusion, regarding clippers and trimmers, we simplified this new-age myth that kept every aspiring good-looking man on earth scratching his head whether to choose clipper or go for a trimming machine. Behold to enlighten yourself with this precious knowledge and know the difference between clippers and trimmers, below.


Speaking of hair clippers, you’d have seen a small set of comb-like components across the trimming machine when you visit a barber’s shop for a haircut, right? These little comb-like components are basically called clippers that come in different sizes and each has a specific number to indicate the hair length (that you want to cut down).

In more simple way, a clipper is basically used when you want to cut your hairs in bulk without cutting the hairs near the roots. The long structure of clippers allows the barber to cut your hair follicles at different length ranging from 1 to 4 inches in order to give your hairs the desired look.


On the contrary, the hair trimmers have a slightly different use when it comes to haircuts and hairstyles. A hair trimmer or thinner is basically used when you seek to have thin hairstyles or want to trim down your hairs from sides to have the desired, and in-fashion, hairstyle. A trimmer is usually attached to the machine (unlike the clippers) and offers you the ability to adjust its speed and trimming length just like you do it in clippers. The core difference here is that you don’t get to replace trimmer’s blade as you can in case of clippers.

You can opt for hair trimmers if you want to perform dry shaving edging, or outlining of your hair.


We told you about clippers and trimmers in detail but the key differences are yet to be disclosed before you make a final selection. Here are the key differences that prove how clippers and trimmers are poles apart in terms of technical details.

  • The clippers come handy when you want to cut long hairs and if you need to trim down your hairs to extreme level, trimmers are your best friend.
  • Clippers have longer blade and trimmers come with thinner blades in comparison. But you can use them together when you’re seeking to have a buzz haircut or want to get rid of hair growth, first, for a thinner haircut.
  • You can’t expect clippers to do their magic at certain places such as area behind the ears and back of the neck where you seek detailed work from the barber.
  • If you have thick hairs, you must go for clippers as a trimmer wouldn’t work that effectively on your hairs as it does on thin hairs.
  • You can get to select different clipper sizes when you want to try a different hair length but you don’t get to avail this facility with trimmers as they’re non-detachable.
  • When you want to stylize your hair such as Crew Cut, Classic Buzz Cut, or Classic Combed Back with Fade, you can use trimmers for extremely satisfying results.

Conclusion About Electric Trimmers VS Clippers: 

Just remember the ground rule!

When you want to reduce the hair length a bit, you need hair clippers and use trimmers when you want to shorten or stylize your hairs.


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