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Electric VS Manual Shaver

Electric v/s traditional shaving: pros and cons

Making a choice between an electric shaver and a manual razor has always been a bone of contention among shaving enthusiasts.  Both options occupy undeniable pros and both feature drawbacks as well. There’s no hard and fast rule to select or reject any razor either electric or a manual one.

This article has been written with the objective of elevating the transparency of the pros and cons of both shaver types. So, let’s have an analysis.

Advantages of electric shavers

1- Convenience and speed

The practical side of an electric shaver is the foremost reason and its main advantage. It saves your time, follows the easy steps, does not require any shaving gel or lather, and last but not the least you don’t have to encounter any nuisance to keep your gadget clean and organized.

All you have to do is to pick your electric shaver and start shaving. After being done with shaving, you can simply turn on the tap and rinse your gadget thoroughly underwater. The charging station is another allowance given by the electric shaver that keeps your shaver powered.

Hence, electric shavers are convenient and speedy for shaving on the go.

2- Comfort

We are well aware of the fact that conventionally, a manual razor implies the use of a sharp blade that definitely features some risks.

Unlike a manual razor, an electric razor comes with careful prep work and proper technique that fades the risks away. Using an electric shaver has always been soothing and comfortable. It works flawlessly without causing any irritation or harm to your skin. The blades incorporated in an electric shaver behave amicably with your skin. Plus, this comfort level comes along a frequently and clearly close shave.

Particularly men with sensitive skin that is vulnerable to irritation, razor burn, nicks, cuts, and ingrown hairs with bumps will more likely go for an electric razor.

3- Wet shaving

Most modern electric shavers are waterproof and can smoothly work with shaving lather and can greatly improve the closeness and gentleness of your shave. In fact, the addition of a nice shaving gel can catalyze the performance of your shaver.

This is an admitted fact that an electric shaver does not have to deal with the messy lathering and cleaning and to some extent, the usage of such gels along with electric shavers may seem to be defying the whole identity and purpose of electric razors. To clear this shady perception, we can say that the purpose of shaving gel is to lubricate your skin and to provide you with an extra comfortable shave. It just improves the quality of the shaving experience.

Moreover, you can enjoy the barbershop luxury feeling by having a wet shave on weekends.

4- Electric shavers can be economical

Usually, electric shavers are expensive, but their excellent features and durability justify their prices. Their performance makes it clear that you have done a righteous investment.

A quality electric razor can last for years if treated with care. However, the blades and foils are supposed to be replaced by a certain time, usually once every year.

Even in comparison to blade refill cartridges that are expensive and do not promise durability, you will see that it will not be a burden on your pocket.

Disadvantages of electric shaving

1- Not so close shave

Even though high profile shavers like Panasonic Arc5 can provide you with a closer shaver nearly like a conventional blade, they still can’t match it.

This depends on personal preference as many men tend to have a close shave as an electric shaver normally gives. Mileage may vary from person to person.

Adding to this, a blade will also be flaking the skin by removing the top layer of cells that is beneficial too. Nevertheless, the closeness of shave somehow depends on personal choice and can be compromised by getting a comfortable and easy shave given by an electric shaver.

2- Skin takes time to adapt to it.

While using an electric shaver, possibly you might experience the overwhelmed results including razor burns, patches of hair left behind, cuts, and nicks, etc.

Switching to an electric razor will take time to make your skin adapt to it. It can take around 3 weeks to adapt to an electric razor.

Moreover, it does take practice and proper technique to get better results out of your electric shaver.

3- It can be expensive

As mentioned earlier, an electric shaver can be a burden on your budget. Not only the purchase but maintenance of your high-end shaver can be a bit expensive.

But as a matter of fact, you don’t really need a top-notch shaver to get satisfactory results. All you need is to check the reviews section in order to get the right shaver.

Advantages of conventional shaving

1- The closest shave

The blade of a conventional manual razor provides you with the closest shave possible does not matter if you are using a straight double edge or even a cartridge razor.

Moreover, the proper technique and a quality product give rise to even greater results in terms of both closeness and comfort.

2- Economical

Double edge razors that use a single blade are quite economical. They are sharp, inexpensive, and durable as compared to refill multi-blade cartridges.

3- Old-school shaving with a blade seems more manly and pleasant

Some of the elements make traditional shaving such a pleasant ritual, including hot water, soft badger brush, a vintage DE razor, and amazingly scented shaving cream, etc.

A flashy electric shaver can not assure these cool and vintage vibes.

Cons of conventional shaving

1- Time-consuming

If we talk about the use of a traditional shaver while traveling, it requires a handful of tools like a sink full of water, shaving cream, shaving brush, pre-shave, etc and these items clearly create a mess and cannot be considered as a reliable option while traveling.

2- Manual razors have a steep curve

Shaving with a manual razor is a steady process and takes an adequate time especially when using DE and straight razors. And this gives rise to the next point.

3- Increased chances of nicks, and cuts

Shaving with shaving gels and foams can be a source of more serious issues to men with sensitive skin, like ingrown hairs and razor burns, etc.

However, using the appropriate products can improve your shaving experience by a normal razor.

4- Expensive

Traditional shaving can be a bit expensive when it comes to refilling cartridges. And blades are more prone to go dull pretty quickly and consequently one has to replace the blades every now and then that can be a burden on a tight package.


Though both razors perform the same function, the battle between them seems to have segregated the shaving community into two groups.

However, shaving majorly depends on personal preference. You can get the best shave only by using a suitable shaver.

You can go for dry shaving for its convenience and time management, or you can choose wet electric shaving due to the comfort level it assures. It all depends on you and your personal choice.







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